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What is Tamaki?

Tamaki is a village, where located on Qarabagh district of Ghazni province of Afghanistan. Tamaki is a border between Qarabagh district and Jaghori district.

Tamaki village has about ten schools including elementary, secondary and high schools.
Currently, thousands students are studying in those schools and so far, hundreds student were graduated from those schools and continue their study to different subjects of the universities of Afghanistan.

On the other hand, many students have gotten their master degree and doctoral degree from the top of universities of the world.

The people of Tamaki are very Painstaking and education friend. They are always trying to support their children that achieve to the best places and successful homeland.

Unfortunately the government of Afghanistan and the world organizations (that activity in Afghanistan) do not have any attention about rebuilding, social welfare, security, rural development and other problems of Tamaki’s people.

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Tamaki village is one of the poorest and the most disadvantaged villages in Afghanistan and most people are farmer that busy for Agriculture.

Prepared by: Ali Arman, Journalist in Afghanistan country.


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